January 1996

The Menu and the Meal

30 Jan 1996
Posted by David MacAdam

The law was never meant to be a measure of your goodness. It was to be a teaching aid, a tutor, appointed to lead us to Christ (Galatians 3:24-26). As a revelation of God's demand for an absolute 'mirror-image' reflection of His righteousness, it was meant to drive us to the foot of the Cross in repentance. The lesson of the Old Testament is that we need a new heart and a new spirit. Christ alone can be the source of righteousness. Imputed righteousness.

Posted by David MacAdam

Once silver dollars were actually made of silver. Like many coins, now they are made with inferior metal at the core and a silver-coating on the outside. You can tell whether a silver dollar is true by the way it sounds when dropped. If the coin is merely silver plated, with a lesser substance at the core, it gives the sound of a dull thud. If it is a real silver dollar it 'rings true' when dropped, indicating that it is silver both on the outside and in the core.

How do our lives sound when we are thrown down or dropped into adverse situations?

Enjoy the Newness

09 Jan 1996
Posted by David MacAdam

(Read Joshua 3:1-11)

When Joshua led the children of Israel into the promised land it was a day of new beginnings. God promised that He would do amazing things among them if they would set themselves apart to cooperate with him fully. And the Lord said that he would give them what He had promised and magnify the name of Joshua before all of Israel.

The applications are many. Prophetically we see a greater Joshua (Yeshua, Jesus) being magnified among the people. How would this happen?

Posted by David MacAdam

I have celebrated the New Year in different countries and in different ways. In Portugal, people would stay inside until midnight and then come outside for a bonfire upon which old things, worn out furniture, things that served as reminders of their detested past were publicly burned. As midnight on New Year's Eve approaches, to the sound of music and celebration, fireworks would be lit from these fires. It was a time for a new beginning. A clean slate.