We're Pressing On

Posted by David MacAdam

Have you ever wondered why the Holy Spirit saw fit to record the heroic deeds and the standards of excellence exhibited by David's mighty men? Three chapters in the Bible describe the dramatic transformation of David's rag-tag army (2Samuel 23; 1Chronicles 11&;amp;12). Those who were once discontent, in debt, and in distress, emerged as daring, discerning and distinguished men in hot pursuit of God's full thought.

There is a clear parallel between the story of the anointed King David and his mighty men and Christ and his 'called out ones' (ekklesia), the church. David's men recognized their need to pay their debts, be delivered from futility and obtain peace of heart. They saw that God's answer was being expressed through David, the anointed, despised and rejected king. In David were the ways of God. As they were gathered to Him they were renewed in spirit and daily developed their exceptional virtues (2Peter 1:3-8). Soon they were built together as an army united with one heart.

Three of these heroic soldiers distinguished themselves above the others: Eleazar, Jasobeam and Shammah. Reflecting on the characteristics of the mighty men in general, and the Three in particular, we can see that they had the following trademarks of a winning team:

  1. They had a clear vision - to bring in the King!
  2. They were fully dedicated to the King.
  3. They were persistent in the right things (the hand of one warrior froze to the sword!).
  4. They owned the responsibility of the vision (they didn't wait until a 2/3 majority felt like going after Philistines!).
  5. They majored on the majors (defended the non-negotiables, standing their God-given ground and the high protein food supply).
  6. They were faithful in the little things - which are no little things - (a cup of cold water).
  7. They demonstrated love through self-less concern, and sacrificial service.

God sees the church of the Lord Jesus as already perfected in Christ. That is our position. Christ has fully paid our debts to God's holy law. But here and now, we don't consider ourselves as having attained. We press on with our eyes on the goal, trusting that the King will be brought into every area of our lives through our daily cooperation with His Word and His Spirit!

On the track,

David MacAdam, Pastor/Teacher
New Life Community Church