We invite young people to experience the joyous adventure of knowing Jesus Christ as the Light of Life and reflecting His Light into our world!  No longer do we have to be controlled by darkness. We cannot help but share the good news of what God has done and is doing in Jesus Christ. As we get to know God personally, we will shine as lights illuminating the way of God’s grace, love, mercy, peace and truth.  As we walk in the light, all that we discover in Christ will be made discoverable in us for the benefit of others!


Each week we welcome youth to experience positive Christ-centered fellowship in the context of small groups, meaningful acts of service, participation in evangelistic drama and mentoring relationships with parents in our community and our volunteer youth staff.


Each generation has a deep yearning to find an 'image' with which they can identify. It is part of the normal self-discovery and self-definition process.  However, instead of turning to an idol, we can turn to the Living God!


At New Life Community Church we offer a loving but challenging environment where young people can consider the high privilege of what it really means to function as one made in God’s image by personally identifying with Christ and His reconciling work on the cross.  Only by trusting what Christ has done, paying the penalty of our wrongdoing, by dying on the cross and being raised to life, can we be satisfactorily restored to be what we were created to be--- those reflecting God’s image by functioning through the power of the Holy Spirit.


God's Word invites us to discover the purpose for which we were created. We are created for a relationship with God; to know and be known by our Creator. But this can only happen if our relationship is built upon a solid foundation of truth. It is not sufficient to merely talk about God without being rightly related to Him. It is not enough to be a hearer of God’s Word- we must also be doers. We must act on what we know! We must acknowledge our personal wrongdoing and sinfulness. We must be willing to change our way of thinking and acting, so that we behave in a way that is consistent with God’s Word.  That is why our relationship with God must be built upon knowing Jesus Christ as the Way, the Truth and the Life (John 14:6).


The call to live a Christian life is impossible for anyone but Christ Himself. In the light of Christ's teaching, our necessary response will be to trust Him as as the only one who can be the forgiver or our sins and the leader of our life.  As we receive and walk in the power and provision of the Holy Spirit, whom He gives to all believers as a free gift, we can fulfill the choice purposes God has for us in Christ.


At New Life, we seek to help this next generation challenge the strong temptation to be a generation of sideliners, who stop short of knowing God personally, or, if they do know Him personally, stop short of participating fully in what He is doing in the world today. We are here to help this generation say ‘Yes!’ to God in every way possible.