What is a community church?

New Life Community Church is a non-denominational fellowship that welcomes people from all backgrounds. We seek to be a God-honoring, Bible-based, outreach-oriented community of believers, dependent upon the ministry of the Holy Spirit, by Whom we experience together the life of our Lord Jesus Christ.

The root of the word ‘community’ indicates shared experience; things we hold ‘in common’. We have a common love for the Lord and hold in common the desire to share His love with others. We love His Word, His work and His workmanship in His people.

Is New Life Community Church officially related to other churches with the same name?

No. But the fact that other churches and organizations have chosen similar names indicate that we share the value of ‘the new life’ that is found in Christ and the authentic experience of community that is available for those who are united to Christ by faith.

We are related to other Christ-centered, Bible-believing churches of different denominations in the Concord-Acton-Maynard area. Pastors of these churches pray together monthly and share mutual counsel, encouragement and accountability.

Are there programs for my children and teenagers?

Yes. Classes for toddler-age children through high school are offered every Sunday morning. A nursery room for  young babies is also provided with a section for nursing mothers.

What programs are offered for families?

* We have focus groups for mothers (prayer groups and ‘Mom-to-Mom’ groups).
* The Family Outlet ministry connects individuals and families for fun activities and spiritual encouragement.
* The weekly men’s group offers great support and insight for husbands and dads as well as single men.
* In addition to our Sunday gatherings there are special family worship times through the Outlet Ministry.
* Families also enjoy serving together in our outreach projects and missions, such as New Life Fine Arts’ productions.
* “Discovery World” is offered for children in the elementary school ages through High School

Do you have a statement of beliefs?

Yes. New Life has a well-defined statement of faith. Click here

New Life Community Church has a strong visible outreach to the community through its theater ministry. What role does this ministry play in the life of the church?

New Life Community Church has a number of outreach ministries to the community. The musical theater productions of our Fine Arts ministry are the most well known among the non-churched in our community. These musicals give us a unique opportunity to communicate the timeless message of God’s love. The languages of story and song communicate deeply to the hearts of people. Through this language of artistic expression audiences can reflect upon the timeless truth of redemption and many of our own members get an opportunity to use their talents to demonstrate and declare the gospel to those who would not otherwise have this experience.

Does New Life have its own building?

New Life Community Church officially moved into our own Ministry Center in September of 2018. We are located on Baker Avenue in Concord, and are visible from Route 2. Our ministry center is being used as a multi-purpose facility for many of New Life’s ministries; it provides a wonderful sanctuary space, classrooms for Child and Adult Education, as well as outreaches to the community.  We have a vision for the future to expand the current facility with a larger attached auditorium. Regular updates are given in the church worship services.

Do you baptize babies?

No, but we do publicly dedicate babies to God. We do not believe the Scriptures tell us to baptize children who are not old enough to make a willful profession of Jesus as Savior. Several times a year we have a dedication service for parents to dedicate their children to the Lord.

Why are children dedicated to the Lord?

The act of publicly dedicating children is an encouragement to the parents and the entire church. Promises are made by the parents before the congregation. The congregation agrees to accept responsibility to encourage the parents as they raise their children in the nurture and admonition of the Lord.

How do I become a member of New Life Community Church?

Several times a year we hold a series of orientation classes titled “Discovery Days”. During this time all are given an opportunity to discover more about the vision, values, purpose, goals and ministries of New Life. We share a meal, introduce the church leadership team, and provide opportunity for discussion. Participants also learn more about themselves and how every believer is designed to be an important contributing member of the expression of Christ’s life in the church, which is His body. Each believer is encouraged to discover their unique talents, spiritual aptitudes and passions to contribute to the expression of Christ’s fullness.

Anyone wanting to make a commitment to membership must be willing to surrender his or her life to Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. This means: (1) Admitting that all people (including you) have sinned – Romans 3:23. (2) Acknowledging that Jesus Christ is God’s only Son, that He paid the penalty for your sin by His death on the cross, and that He made it possible for you to have new life through His resurrection – Romans 10:9, Romans 6:23, 2 Corinthians 5:17,21. (3) Totally trusting Jesus Christ by: accepting His free forgiveness, repenting of past and present wrongs, being baptized by immersion into Him, and surrendering your abilities, your desires, and your whole life to Him – Acts 2:38, Romans 6.

We encourage healthy participation in the fellowship of New Life through small group and ministry team involvement while also giving careful attention to other God-given roles and goals that we have in life.

If I have already received Christ and have been baptized by immersion in another independent or denominational church, will I have to be baptized again to be a member of New Life Community Church?

No. Some people, however, who become members choose to be baptized again if they feel their first baptism was for the wrong reason, such as an adult who was baptized as a child and may not have understood what they were doing at the time.

How can I get involved here at New Life?

There are many ministries you can get involved with here at New Life Community Church. Ministry opportunities are listed on material in the lobby and are available for viewing on our website. Click here.

Does New Life Community Church offer counseling?

New Life does not offer long-term counseling. Our leadership team personally offers Biblical advice and spiritual encouragement, as well as equipping classes and focus groups that address specific counseling needs. We offer pre-marital counseling for members and encourage all believers to take advantage of Godly counsel available in our spiritual mentoring program (Discipleship 101), which is offered throughout the year.

Does the church have a prayer ministry?

Yes. Prayer is at the core of our ministry. We believe that our church gets its marching orders through the Word and the Spirit as we commune with God in prayer. The church members have access to prayer requests via email and phone. There are special Morning Prayer meetings and monthly church family prayer meetings devoted exclusively to prayer. However all our meetings throughout the week are bathed in prayer and have prayer as a basic ‘heart component’.

If you have a prayer request, please fill out a prayer request on the Communication card in the weekly bulletin or call the church office (978) 369-0061.